Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Only certain designs are available..

Hello again...
Ok, because I was sooo and totally excited the other day, I totally forgot to mention on the designs available...
Yes-again, due to my unstable condition that needs ALOT of rests in between my production, only a few themes are available from now onwards.
I won't be able to do any difficult designs especially those with logos and such as it'll take up ALOT of my time.
Therefore, only the designs from the themes below are available:
Balloons. Girlish. Hantaran. Hot Air Balloons. Rainbows. Smileys. V-Day.

I'm pretty sure that some of you might still beg me to do some of the themes below, but I could only do the basic designs of the themes below- again, minus the logos and everything that's difficult to me:
Football Mad Nation. Graduation. Music. Shopaholic

So sorry again if this might disappoint some, but I would rather inform you peeps now before you place your order and get disappointed later..

Thank you