Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Cupcakes for October... :((

Hi there everyone!
First of all, I hope that it is still not too late to wish everyone- Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin..
So sorry for this late shout out.
Been out of internet connection until 5th of Raya, and then too busy with last week's orders, and last but not least, too busy going in and out of hospital to visit my grandmother.

Well, other than that, I have another sad announcement to make...
We won't be able to take any orders for Cupcakes for the whole month of October until further notice due to my morning sickness condition.
Have no idea why, but cupcakes orders have made me quite stress for the pass few weeks because of the date and timeline to finish the production of cupcakes.
Therefore, I will need the 1month rest (or maybe more am not too sure) before I am really fit to start on the production again.

BUT, Little Cheesecakes & Brownies will still be available in October.
Please text me instead as I hardly get the chance to go online.
My grandmother is still in the hospital, and I'll be in the hospital most of the day.

Till then, I hope to see you peeps again in the November (hopefully) and please don't be mad at me.. :((

Thank you


Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Good and The Bad (pulak :) )

Holla everyone??
How's Ramadhan been treating you?? :)
Alhamdulillah, it's been quite a bliss for me despite the incident where I lost my precious handphone to the treler and had to miss fasting when I could've fast the whole month without fail.. :))

Anyhow, the Good News:
Last tuesday (1st of September), me and my husband received a good news after 1 year waiting...
Yes darls, I was confirmed pregnant!! :)))
After all the "hardwork" LOL and patience, Allah have grant us our prayers..
So, we'll be having our own "little cupcake" in about 8 or so months from now.

But unfortunately, the good news comes with a bad news:
Once I found out on the good news, I've been having morning sickness (nauseous) which attacks 24 hours that made me quite weak.
Therefore, from now on, I will have to reduce my order takings for the cupcakes.
Because I have to rest every hour or everytime once I've finished 1box of cupcakes.
Hence, my production time is reduced.
We might even stop our cupcakes production if my condition got worst.
This will go on until further notice.
But, fret not for our brownies and little cheesecakes lovers.
You can order them at anytime, even during weekends (but when my mom's free ONLY), since my mom could help me on them.

InsyaAllah, we might come out with another simple product but definitely delicious as our current product to replace the cute cupcakes.

So sorry again to disappoint some of you out there...
I really wish that I don't have to do this, but I have too! :(
To those who have placed their orders earlier, I will still do your cupcakes especially to those who have made their payments, and I have even spared a helper or two for the last week of Ramadhan (because I've accepted ALOT of orders before we found out that i'm a pregger!).
Their work might not be the same as mine, but they're the next best thing after me!
I've even thought of having them working for me, but unfortunately, they have a better job in Japan and they're going back there end of this year.. *sobs*
Will reveal them soon enough insyaAllah. :))

For now, take care everyone and have fun fasting!!

.shalia the pregger.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Bad and The Good

Hello there everyone!
Just a quick announcement, to those who smsed me on Wednesday-Friday but still haven't got any reply from me, please sms me back.
Such a funny but sad tragedy, my handphone telah dilanggar by a treler last friday!!!!
Yes, hence, i could only save my simcard and memory card.
The rest are quite history... (because my husband insisted that it has to be sent for a repair. Pffft)
So, am currently using my sister-in-law's phone, with my number.
Hence, yes, i could receive smses now and reply them.
That's the Bad News.

The Good News?
Hrmmm, let's keep it down till it's time for me to announce it here :))
But, am currently not feeling that well, therefore, so sorry for any late reply or if i don't get to answer my calls on time.

One more thing, sorry to those who've been sending forms but haven't receive any reply.
I didn't have any internet connection until today.
So, am going to do so now.
Do check your inbox for the reply! :)

Thank you and Good Night peeps!!