Friday, July 17, 2009

Our new family... *grins*

Alhamdulillah, FINALLY, our wedding favors blog is ready for view.
So sorry for the late update!
I had to go through quite alot just to take the pictures of my samples.
First, it rained on wednesday, so no photo session is possible as the pictures will turn out blurry.
Second, when I have finally got the chance to take the pictures, the twins(my naughty little nephews) were around trying to touch and see the cupcakes (they were actually waiting for me to give them the cupcakes).
Well, one of them definitely did ruin which caused one of the roses became abit cacat. LOL
Lastly, when I have upload the pictures to the pc, I had to carefully choose and edit them as some was blur (must be the time when I tried to stop them from touching or coming near the cupcakes) and I found some of the pictures with either their hands/fingers/feet or even heads somewhere! LOL
Hence, I had to crop most of the pictures here and there.
But I had fun ofcourse, though the twins can be really tiring! (Mind you, they are only 2!!!!) *wink*
In that blog, we offer all sorts of packagings for wedding/engagement.
From hantaran to doorgift to our economy pack for those in budget.
Prices are all there with the codes and all.
So, please visit our new family blog:

Shalia's Wedding Favors

Thank you

p/s: August's Promotion will be postponed to another unknown date. Most probably this Sunday. But no promises. With the hazy weather (it affects the photo session) and never-ending orders *winks*, it could even be on Monday. Please be patient yeah? Thanx and Love you lot ALOT!

Short Notice

The wedding favors' blog is currently under construction.
You will be informed shortly once it's ready to be viewed.

Thank you

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Newsletter Part 2

New updates on August's Promotion and New wedding/engagement packagings will be up by Midnight on Thursday.

Sorry for the delay..

Thank you