Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ramadhan / September 2008 Promotions

Since my 1st week of re-opening my ever-so-missed business falls on the 1st week of Ramadhan, I've decided to do a come-back with Ramadhan Promotions!!
But unfortunately, due to my tight schedule which I'll be going up and down to KL-Melaka, there're only 3 promotion designs available but definitely I chose the best for this coming "Bulan yang Mulia", and not-much available dates during the weekends. (It's time for me to spend with my far-separated husband! ngeee~)
Well, whut's more important is that you peeps out there will still get my cupcakes rite?? ;)
So, below are the selected designs for Ramadhan Promotions:

*these colors are fixed*

*these colors are fixed*

*you may choose up to 3colors*


For this whole month of September, these designs will be priced as below:

Applies for Vanilla/Chocolate Cuppiecakes ONLY

Small Box: RM30
Big Box: RM50

Other designs are STILL AVAILABLE, but they'll be charged at normal price.
Once you've decided on which designs, and on which date, please click here to place your order.

Thank You


Hello Everyone!!
So sorry that it took me awhile to update my blog n "renovate" it.
I'm trying my best to do them as quickly as I could.
But unfortunately, with the limited time + limited Internet access, will try my best to improve everything A.S.A.P.
Hopefully by tomorrow.
But as promised, I have posted what need to be settled first.
So sorry for the inconvenience of this page at the moment.
Please bear with it just a little while, while I sort things out.
Will post on the Ramadhan Promotion next!
Till then, Have a Nice Week ahead till it's puasa time.. ;)