Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brownies!!!! **NEW PRODUCT**

As promised before, herewith I present, our latest product:
Definition of Brownie; a small, chewy, cakelike cookie, usually made with chocolate and containing nuts.
But our brownies have no nuts, just full of chocolate.
Since alot of people are quite allergic to it, I thought that it is best that I put none into my recipe. (since i detest nuts in brownies myself :P)
I shall make brownies with nuts too, just to be fair, but not anytime soon as I have to find the right time to trial and error before selling them, as what I did with this recipe.
Hence, the reason why I didn't come out with this product earlier.

Anyhow, here are the details of the product:
**Price revised**

1 whole pan of brownie (10" x 10") = Rm32
(The brownie will be cling wrapped and packed in our usual cupcake box, without ribbon)

Half pan of brownie (10" x 5") = Rm17
(The brownie will be cling wrapped and packed in the above box, with no ribbon)

Finger brownies : Rm0.70-0.75 each
(Sold as below)

Big box (50pcs/1pan) = Rm35
Medium box (24pcs/2 dozen) = Rm18
Small box (1 dozen) = Rm9

**Minimum order will be 1 dozen/12pcs**

And good news to all, it could be ordered ATLEAST 36hours earlier from the time needed (for me to prepare and bake and all plus the time needed on the cupcakes), EXCEPT for during my tight schedule on the cupcakes.
And furthermore, they're AVAILABLE during the weekends!!
Awesome eyhh?? ;)
For those who are interested to place their order for Raya, please do so ATLEAST 1week before Raya.
AND, another good news to those who are staying in Malacca, YOU too could order, and we will deliver them to Malacca, BUT only to my inlaws' place near Ayer Keroh. Then, you will have to deal with my husband on the pickup and such.
And they're available only on Monday or during the weekends that I was due in Malacca.
If you're interested, do give me a call for more info.

To place your order, please call me

Thank you!


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