Monday, May 4, 2009

*We have extend this contest to 26th of June 2009!!!!*

Rules & Regulations:

  1. For all ages of course!
  2. Individual or teams are welcome BUT the prizes are as shown below. We're not going to double or triple the prizes just because.
  3. Think out of the box!!
  4. You have to purchase the cupcakes between 18th of May till 18th of July 2009.
  5. Any size cupcakes are fine.
  6. You are given until midnight of 26th July 2009 to submit the pictures & contest form.
  7. Take a picture of you and the original box of cupcakes then another 1 or afew(up to you) CREATIVE picture that you can come out with.
  8. No cropping is allowed. Original picture please as we need to see how what you can really do with the cupcakes.
  9. You can only have maximum 2themes/ideas in 1small box and maximum of 4themes/ideas in 1big box.
  10. Cartoon characters/difficult designs are not allowed.
  11. Your picture will be judged based on your CREATIVITY, ORIGINALITY and QUALITY of the picture (not blur).
  12. Winners will be announced on the 31st of July 2009 via sms & email and we will definitely post them on the blog!


Contest Form
Please fill in this form when submitting the pictures. Thank you

Full Name:
I/C Number:
Contact Number:
Correspondence address:
Date of the cupcakes purchased:

These information is really important and your details will be kept P&C.


For the themes/ideas/designs, please do not hesitate to inquire if you need me to assist you.
If you're still blur or have no idea and such of what is it that I want, please, fret not to ask me too :))

Other ideas that I have:
- You could make them as a piece of your art work, i.e; a picture on an art block
- A picture of various insects flying(if possible), crawling etc.

I really do hope that you guyz are as thrilled as I am and have fun with contest!!!!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shalia's Treats Contest

Yes, for the first time-ever, we're hosting a small contest, which will be held from 18th of May until 18th of July 2009.
The main purpose of this contest is to get the most craziest idea, to let you show us your creativity and also, just to let everyone have fun with the cupcakes!
Just so you know, the prizes ain't big, or nothing much, but it's all that we could offer in this short of time.
They're mostly of my favorite picks, and since this is our first time, the prizes are limited to 3winners only.
But if the number of participants exceed what we expected, then perhaps, we'll add consolation prizes! :))

Here are the prizes:

+1st Prize
1set(of two) of cute cupcake tins + 1 A3 size picture of a cute VW kombi with Shalia's Treats logo + 1 t-shirt + Rm30 Shalia's Treats Voucher

+2nd Prize:
The big size cute cupcake tin + 1 A4 size picture of a cute VW kombi with Shalia's Treats logo + 1 t-shirt + Rm20 Shalia's Treats Voucher

+3rd Prize:
The small cute cupcake tin + 1 A4 size picture of a cute VW kombi with Shalia's Treats logo + 1 t-shirt + Rm10 Shalia's Treats Voucher

p/s: The 1st winner may select the set of tins(below) that they like and the other set not chosen will be given to the 2nd and 3rd winner.

Here's what you will have to do:

Step 1:
Purchase Shalia's Treats cupcakes between 18th of May until 18th of July 2009.

Step 2:
Take a picture of you and the original box that you ordered (as proof of purchase).

Step 3:
Take a CREATIVE picture of the cupcakes that you ordered.

Step 4:
Send in the pictures & the form given to: before midnight 26th of July 2009

Step 5:
Wait until you receive a notification and also winners will be announced on the 31st of July.

Here's the sample that I manage to do(it's a bit funny, so please don't laugh.nyehhnyehh) :

a picture of me and my box of cupcakes

a picture of 1 of my theme

a picture of my other theme/idea
lol. i know, it's hideous, but that's what i manage in the short time, with my brother placing the cupcakes on my face(notice that the eye lash is terbalik? and taking the picture. :)

It took me a great deal to actually take these pictures ok.
It's not as easy as it looks, but I did have fun with the maids and my mom watching and laughing as they saw me went under the trees, kneeling at the lawn and lying on the back patio just to take these pictures.
It didn't turn out that good(as desired), and I'm sure all of you can come out with something better! :)

So, think out of the box and have fun!
Will post the contest form and the rules & regulations next!

Mother's Day Promotion!!

Okie, I know that it might be a little too late for this post.
But since I've been too occupied with bulk orders/restocking ingredients/settling the most important thing for my biz/trying to juggle my busy time with the role as a wife(during weekends only-unfortunately) and last but not least, with the internet problem, i just manage to settle myself down tonight(it was suppose to be last night but this laptop pulak buat hal*sigh*).
Anyways, with those busy schedule mentioned above and also forgetting that Mother's Day was suppose to be on the 11th and NOT 16th of May!! pfftt~ I'll have to offer what I think suits the occasion from my previous collection:

MD002 H002
Here are the details on the promotion:

Promotion Dates: 12th. 13th. 14th of May 2009 (please pick one of these dates)
Pickup time: 12pm onwards
Quantity: Small box (in transparent box).25pcs & Big box (in normal packaging).49pcs
[available in mini size only]
Item: Chocolate or Vanilla Cuppiecakes only
Designs Available: MD002 & H002 only
Colors: *As seen on the picture*
Message: *up to you*
Delivery Service: Unavailable- Sorry...
Small Box- Rm35
Big Box- Rm50
It's a BARGAIN!!!!

Yes, everyone, this promotion is only valid from 12th-14th of May AND the price is cheaper than the usual price by Rm5 each box!!

To order, please click here.

Mama, loving you is like food to my soul.....

Thank you