Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shalia's Treats Contest

Yes, for the first time-ever, we're hosting a small contest, which will be held from 18th of May until 18th of July 2009.
The main purpose of this contest is to get the most craziest idea, to let you show us your creativity and also, just to let everyone have fun with the cupcakes!
Just so you know, the prizes ain't big, or nothing much, but it's all that we could offer in this short of time.
They're mostly of my favorite picks, and since this is our first time, the prizes are limited to 3winners only.
But if the number of participants exceed what we expected, then perhaps, we'll add consolation prizes! :))

Here are the prizes:

+1st Prize
1set(of two) of cute cupcake tins + 1 A3 size picture of a cute VW kombi with Shalia's Treats logo + 1 t-shirt + Rm30 Shalia's Treats Voucher

+2nd Prize:
The big size cute cupcake tin + 1 A4 size picture of a cute VW kombi with Shalia's Treats logo + 1 t-shirt + Rm20 Shalia's Treats Voucher

+3rd Prize:
The small cute cupcake tin + 1 A4 size picture of a cute VW kombi with Shalia's Treats logo + 1 t-shirt + Rm10 Shalia's Treats Voucher

p/s: The 1st winner may select the set of tins(below) that they like and the other set not chosen will be given to the 2nd and 3rd winner.

Here's what you will have to do:

Step 1:
Purchase Shalia's Treats cupcakes between 18th of May until 18th of July 2009.

Step 2:
Take a picture of you and the original box that you ordered (as proof of purchase).

Step 3:
Take a CREATIVE picture of the cupcakes that you ordered.

Step 4:
Send in the pictures & the form given to: before midnight 26th of July 2009

Step 5:
Wait until you receive a notification and also winners will be announced on the 31st of July.

Here's the sample that I manage to do(it's a bit funny, so please don't laugh.nyehhnyehh) :

a picture of me and my box of cupcakes

a picture of 1 of my theme

a picture of my other theme/idea
lol. i know, it's hideous, but that's what i manage in the short time, with my brother placing the cupcakes on my face(notice that the eye lash is terbalik? and taking the picture. :)

It took me a great deal to actually take these pictures ok.
It's not as easy as it looks, but I did have fun with the maids and my mom watching and laughing as they saw me went under the trees, kneeling at the lawn and lying on the back patio just to take these pictures.
It didn't turn out that good(as desired), and I'm sure all of you can come out with something better! :)

So, think out of the box and have fun!
Will post the contest form and the rules & regulations next!


irmafittaputri said... nyerr...cupcake maker...nak join jugak boleh ker...nak box tu

.shalia. said...

ofcourse!everyone and anyone can join regardless who u r or what u do (even if you're another cupcake maker!)
the box are awesomely cute k...i even kept 1 set for myself! ;)


Mr N Mrs |mran said...

i suka gambar muka u dgn cupcake tu...hehe

.shalia. said...

hahaha. it's ridiculous. what more, the left eyelash's terbalik! lol.
i had to put on double-sided tape to make sure that they stick on my cheeks.hehe