Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Order via SMS please?? :((

Hey there everyone..

Thousands of apologies..
I haven't been able to check on my emails since last weekend as my pc's been striked by lightning or so (i suppose coz i couldn't connect to the internet. pfftt~).
No idea when will I be able to fix 'em.
Therefore, appreciate if you could place your order via sms instead.
To place your order via sms,

Type in:

Name.DOC.Time.Item.Size.Qty.Themes/Designs.Color(s).Message(s).Payment Method

and send to


Diana.8/9/08.3pm.choc cuppiecakes.mini.1big box.crowns+hearts+butterflies.Blue.Happy Birthday.Maybank2u

Thank you Thank you Thank you