Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day Promotion!!

Okie, I know that it might be a little too late for this post.
But since I've been too occupied with bulk orders/restocking ingredients/settling the most important thing for my biz/trying to juggle my busy time with the role as a wife(during weekends only-unfortunately) and last but not least, with the internet problem, i just manage to settle myself down tonight(it was suppose to be last night but this laptop pulak buat hal*sigh*).
Anyways, with those busy schedule mentioned above and also forgetting that Mother's Day was suppose to be on the 11th and NOT 16th of May!! pfftt~ I'll have to offer what I think suits the occasion from my previous collection:

MD002 H002
Here are the details on the promotion:

Promotion Dates: 12th. 13th. 14th of May 2009 (please pick one of these dates)
Pickup time: 12pm onwards
Quantity: Small box (in transparent box).25pcs & Big box (in normal packaging).49pcs
[available in mini size only]
Item: Chocolate or Vanilla Cuppiecakes only
Designs Available: MD002 & H002 only
Colors: *As seen on the picture*
Message: *up to you*
Delivery Service: Unavailable- Sorry...
Small Box- Rm35
Big Box- Rm50
It's a BARGAIN!!!!

Yes, everyone, this promotion is only valid from 12th-14th of May AND the price is cheaper than the usual price by Rm5 each box!!

To order, please click here.

Mama, loving you is like food to my soul.....

Thank you


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erina_z said...


I'm studying in Sydney, Australia. Sorry this is very last minute but was just wondering if it is possible to order cupcake delivery for Mothers Day on Sunday to Subang Jaya?

Thank you yah? ;)

Erina Zahara Ellias