Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Bad and The Good

Hello there everyone!
Just a quick announcement, to those who smsed me on Wednesday-Friday but still haven't got any reply from me, please sms me back.
Such a funny but sad tragedy, my handphone telah dilanggar by a treler last friday!!!!
Yes, hence, i could only save my simcard and memory card.
The rest are quite history... (because my husband insisted that it has to be sent for a repair. Pffft)
So, am currently using my sister-in-law's phone, with my number.
Hence, yes, i could receive smses now and reply them.
That's the Bad News.

The Good News?
Hrmmm, let's keep it down till it's time for me to announce it here :))
But, am currently not feeling that well, therefore, so sorry for any late reply or if i don't get to answer my calls on time.

One more thing, sorry to those who've been sending forms but haven't receive any reply.
I didn't have any internet connection until today.
So, am going to do so now.
Do check your inbox for the reply! :)

Thank you and Good Night peeps!!


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