Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Good and The Bad (pulak :) )

Holla everyone??
How's Ramadhan been treating you?? :)
Alhamdulillah, it's been quite a bliss for me despite the incident where I lost my precious handphone to the treler and had to miss fasting when I could've fast the whole month without fail.. :))

Anyhow, the Good News:
Last tuesday (1st of September), me and my husband received a good news after 1 year waiting...
Yes darls, I was confirmed pregnant!! :)))
After all the "hardwork" LOL and patience, Allah have grant us our prayers..
So, we'll be having our own "little cupcake" in about 8 or so months from now.

But unfortunately, the good news comes with a bad news:
Once I found out on the good news, I've been having morning sickness (nauseous) which attacks 24 hours that made me quite weak.
Therefore, from now on, I will have to reduce my order takings for the cupcakes.
Because I have to rest every hour or everytime once I've finished 1box of cupcakes.
Hence, my production time is reduced.
We might even stop our cupcakes production if my condition got worst.
This will go on until further notice.
But, fret not for our brownies and little cheesecakes lovers.
You can order them at anytime, even during weekends (but when my mom's free ONLY), since my mom could help me on them.

InsyaAllah, we might come out with another simple product but definitely delicious as our current product to replace the cute cupcakes.

So sorry again to disappoint some of you out there...
I really wish that I don't have to do this, but I have too! :(
To those who have placed their orders earlier, I will still do your cupcakes especially to those who have made their payments, and I have even spared a helper or two for the last week of Ramadhan (because I've accepted ALOT of orders before we found out that i'm a pregger!).
Their work might not be the same as mine, but they're the next best thing after me!
I've even thought of having them working for me, but unfortunately, they have a better job in Japan and they're going back there end of this year.. *sobs*
Will reveal them soon enough insyaAllah. :))

For now, take care everyone and have fun fasting!!

.shalia the pregger.


mrs ajue said...

Congrats on the good news, Shalia! Take care and do have a lot of rest, ok :)

- azura -

*MiLLyMe* said...

hi shalia! i hope u still remember's been a while since we last keep in touch, i found your blog and ur first blog je announce you're knocked up! congratulations!~~ (AARH!) =) bestnye! new family member. take care and jangan worry so much on cupcake problems k..=)

.shalia. said...

mrs ajue: Thank you!! And yes, am trying my best to have alot of rest in between my productions.. ;)

pink: is that you mushi??? :) Anyways, thanx alot on the wish too! And yes, it's been quite awhile kan?? Hardly get to join on the gaths and such.. Hope to see you soon! ;)

Mursapap said...

Congrats. It is always a happy news to hear someone getting pregnant.

Congrats. (One of ur silent readers)

.shalia. said...

Thank you dear for the wish and please do always visit my blog! :D

p/s: just visited your blog and it's quite interesting. will visit more and leave a comment perhaps? ;))

akuzle ayu said...

alhamdulillah!! congrats, shalia... hope u can go tru the sickness, later shud b ok.... take a very good care of the baby n dont 4get urself too....