Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Payment Method:

We no longer accepts Cash Upfront!
Seriously, we don't.
Only payments via Maybank2u.Online OR Maybank Cash Deposit are accepted.
Please make the payments within timeframe given to you along with our account's details given in the reply email.
PLEASE, again,

Subject of Email:

From today onwards, to place ur order via email, please put the Date of Collection/ Your Pickup Date/ The Date that You're coming to pickup the Cupcakes as the subject of ur email
For example: 3rd March 2009 or 3rd April etc..
Other than that i.e; Order/Cupcake order/etc
Will no longer be entertained
This is to make things easier for me to check my emails.

For enquiries, please put Enquiry/Enquiries as the subject of email.

Thank you


Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 2009 : Fully Booked!!

Please note that we're already fully booked for this whole month of February.
No orders will be taken for this month anymore.
Sorry and Thank you


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hellloooo Everyone...
It's been a long silcence since With Love aite? ;)
Sorry, been REALLY busy with the emails, orders, husband and restocking the stocks.
Anyhow, since some did not visit my Available Dates first before placing their orders, I would like to announce that..
I'm already fully booked for this whole month of February EXCEPT for the 25th!
25th is the ONLY date that's still AVAILABLE for this whole month of February!!
And yes, you may place your order now before it's too late!

Will update on March's available dates soon for all of you to place your order.
But please note that I'll be Closed on the 1st of March(will be in Melaka) & from 6th-16th/17th of March for 2weddings that I'm involved in.
So, thousands of apologies to those who needed the cupcakes during that period of time (I know, it's the wedding season but gotta put my cousin and hubby's cousin's wedding to my priority kan?).

Hope that there's no more misunderstanding, no more 'please-slot-in-just-0ne-box-for-me' coz I won't be around (will be going back to Melaka from 8th-16th/17th as the 2nd wedding's in Pedas/Linggi).
Do wait for my available dates for march later tonight.
If sempat, I'll update this late evening.

Thank you


Friday, February 13, 2009

With Love Part III - EXTRAS!!!

I know!! Extras are awesome rite?? ;)
Prepared a few extras for your last minute unplanned occasion or so...
Okie, this is not the full update...will update more in the morning on the items and quantity that we have in stock.
Am trying to squeeze in some lollies, but will have to see 1st if it's possible.
For the moment, here's one of the box that we're offering:

4pcs of M size cupcakes
Rm15 each box!!

In stock: 9 boxes
1 box- Sold to Sue
3 boxes- Sold to Hazwani
1box- Sold to a guy (sorry, cant remember your name)
1box- Sold to Fahmi
3boxes- Sold to myself
(forgot about my fren's b'day, so, gave 'em to him instead. haha!)

p/s:sorry for the late update! :p

1. These items will only be available from 12pm of 14th February ONLY!
2. So booking starts at 1pm
(before 1pm will not be entertained) - via CALLS only!
(smses will not be entertained too)
3. We'll only reserve for 1hour-no more than that please
4. Payment- Cash on Pickup
5. No deliveries available for these last minute items
6. Colors for the items are fixed
7. No additional msgs are allowed
(U may write on the note card provided instead)

With Love


With Love Part III will be updated today (13th February)-

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

With Love Part III- Postponed!!

So sorry everyone, have to postpone on d With Love Part III post to another date & time which will be announced later.. as it is still under construction! LOL
Anyhow, it is official that orders for our With Love Part I promotion- are CLOSED!

No more emails made to will be entertained except for receipts/payments notification.

To those who have placed their orders to my address(even since last week), sorry, your emails will be entertained in d next few days(shalia sgt busy ni...SORRY.. :(( ). Will try to ask my sis to check them for me.

So sorry again & Thank you
p/s: so sorry...was suppose to post this up last night but dunno what went wrong that it was not posted...

With Love

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We're re-opening our With Love Promotion orders. Here are the details of the availability:
Cupcakes: 13th February ONLY
Lollipops: 13th & 14th February ONLY

Available Pickup time: 2pm onwards
Available Delivery location/time: Please check with us

To place your order, please click here.

After that time, SERIOUSLY, no orders will be entertained anymore.
Thank you

p/s: With Love Part III will be updated on Tuesday Midnight.

With Love

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

With Love Part II - How to Order

To place your order for our With Love Promotion (for 12th - 14th February ONLY), Strictly, please follow the instructions below..

**For orders on other dates, please click here. thank you**


Step 1: Fill in the form

(please erase the unnecessary info)
For Cupcakes

Contact Number:
Date of Collection/Delivery: 12th / 13th / 14th of February
Item: Cupcakes
Flavor: Vanilla / Chocolate
Size: mini / M / L
Self-pickup / Delivery to:
Payment method: Maybank2u / Maybank Cash Deposit

For Lollipops

Contact Number:
Date of Collection: 12th / 13th / 14th of February
Item: Lollipop
Size: Small / Medium
Self-pickup / Delivery to:
Payment Method: Maybank2u / Cash Deposit

Step 2: Email your order to this email address no longer exists
smses/emails to my other add will not be entertained. Sorry.

Step 3: Wait for your confirmation from me along with the total amount to be paid

Step 4: Please make your payment within the dateline given. Otherwise your order will be cancelled automatically.

Step 5: Once you've made your payment, please inform me via SMS with the Referenc Number to confirm your order.

To those who make their payments via Maybank2uOnline, please revert the receipt to my email:

Step 6: Wait till it's time for you to get the cupcakes / lollipops! :)

Delivery service's available from 12th-14th of February only at these areas:
PJ. Shah Alam. Subang Jaya. Bangsar. KL. Ampang. Putra LRT Stations (from Kelana Jaya-Jelatek ONLY)
Charges are between Rm5 - Rm30, depending on the number of delivery & location.

Thank you

With Love

With Love Part I

The much awaited cupcakes are here!
Finally :)
But honestly, I'm not really satisfied with the picture quality n d samples quality.
So, am really sorry if u feel d same.. was in a real hurry, with orders/finding d packaging + d weather yang tidak mengizinkan caused d blur-ry pics.
As promised, I have to post them up tonight come what may! :)

Okie, I know that most of you were expecting something bizarre (really? :p) this year, but instead, I'd like to keep things as simple + classic as possible (EASY in another term.hee).
With this, I could produce more cupcakes for everyone - yeayy!

Instead of giving your loved ones the typical roses (that can't be eaten, and hardly have any smells now-unless you bought 3dozens?), how bout giving them cupcakes instead in Roses designs!

They're eatable, pretty, tasty and they have smells okay (of the buttercream icing ofcourse).
If they don't like roses then perhaps the LoveHugsKisses would do.


Red roses - 16mini pcs
Other available colors:
Light blue. Turquoise. Dark blue. Pink. Yellow

Red roses - 25mini pcs
Other available Colors:
Light blue. Turquoise. Dark blue. Pink. Yellow

**LoveHugsKisses - L size (4pcs)
*the base color is fixed. the 'xoxo' color might differ a little*

**LoveHugsKisses - M size (4pcs)
*the base color is fixed. the 'xoxo' color might differ a little*

All prices includes:
:: Transparent box (for mini size cupcakes)
:: Silver box (for M & L size cupcakes)
:: Black Ribbon (not red as in the picture)
:: Note card (It'll be a blank note card, again, not as in the picture)

**for LoveHugsKisses, the 'xoxo's & 'xo's are made of cocoa. Not suitable for those who are allergic to them. You may replace with the big hearts instead. Btw, the hearts are edible too! :)


*sorry for the blur-ry picture*

Yes!! This is new!
And honestly, it was my 1st attempt, 1 of the reasons why they look abit cacat :p

It is made of cocoa/chocolate (imported ones).

Therefore, definitely not suitable for those who are allergic to/dislike chocolates!
Do check if your partner's allergic to them or not before placing your order yeah? ;)

They'll be packed individually like this

Small Lollipop:
L1 & L2 : Rm3.50 each

Medium Lollipop:
L3 - L5 : Rm4 each

*Please note that on the L3 & L5 lollipop, there's a 'Be Mine' msg. We'll ice them properly next week so that it'll be visible. :)

Please refer to the next post on How to Place your Order for our With Love Promotion.

With Love