Monday, December 22, 2008


Hey all..just a short notice (I think)

Am really999 sorry to those who I haven't replied to their emails/smses etc.
I am currently really busy with orders + weddings/Engagement (during the weekends) + Family gath till end of this month.
Therefore, I will probably only be able to reply to your emails somewhere End of December/Early January.

So, to those who wants to place their order for January, pls just do so n I'll entertain them soon enough. But please do check on my Available Dates first before u place ur orders to avoid rejections and such.
As for December, am already TOTALLY FULLY BOOKED this whole month.
We'll not accept any more orders, not even 'just one small box' coz if 10 people were to say the same thing, it wud be prob wudn't it? hrmm..
Anyhow, really sorry to disappoint you guyz, but hope that you'll come back next time in much advance :)

Will have more updates in January (gile banyak!! ;p)
Oh, btw, I seriously x sempat wanna say THANK YOU to some amazing ppl who got me into the TV last last weekend. Will do them once I'm totally free coz sgt bz now, couldn't think much (takut termissd out any names).
Well, till then Happy Holidays peeps!!