Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We're BACK for November!!! :)

Holla people!!
Good News for everyone- WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS!!! starting from this Thursday onwards (though unfortunately we're already fully booked this week).
Please do check on our Available Dates for the month of November before placing your order.
For our December's Available Dates and Christmas Special, they'll be revealed pretty soon by end of next week!

So sorry to those who have not received any replies on your emails/smses.
My condition got a little worst after I've replied some of the emails that I managed to.
In fact, I was suppose to start early this week instead of Thursday but I was confirmed having Gastric with my 24-hours morning sickness still ON.. :((
However, my business operating hours will start at 2pm-11pm and the taking order is limited (except for bulk orders as we could spare afew staffs for 'em).
To those who wish to have the cupcakes early, please inquire and arrange with me on the pickup time.

Anyhow, I do hope that everyone's happy that we're now open for cupcake orders again! :)

Thank you


1 comment:

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