Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ta-tah Youth '09

The 3-days Youth '09 event just ended yesterday.

Honestly?? We had a great GREAT time tho really tiring with me non-stop icing the cupcakes!

First of all, I'd like to say Thank you to my babes- Dee.Shima.Faiza for helping me out jaga-ing the booth, berlapar coz the food arrived late(didn't have enough hand 2 help me buy the food for them before i arrive)n moving our booth around & about. Kami seperti orang nomad yang berpindah-randah ye LOL

We were all very tired but we had a great time for sure meeting people (tho I couldn't be there long :( ), mingle around with other vendors, exchanging namecards and ofcourse- SHOPPING!!! :)

Secondly, Thanx ALOT to Dedek and the rest of the Bijou Bazaar crews for inviting us to participate in the event, in helping us getting the tables/space n no worries about the moving around thingy, totally understand that u're just trying to help us to get the best spot! :)

Thank you to everyone who came to stop by at our booth just to say hello,to support n to purchase our cupcakes- You peeps are da' bomb la. ;)

To friends who came, seriously?? Thank you jugak & sangat sayang korang!!

Thank you to mama & ayah (my inlaws), my bro-inlaw & fiancee for coming to support us.. really appreciate it :D

And last but not least Thank you to dearest husband who managed to arrive earlier than expected on saturday from work (in melaka) and helped me around on sunday(mostly) by sending the girls and the stuffs to pwtc in the morning, came back home again and help me pack the cupcakes and driving me there.
He even took a half-day time-off on today-monday just so he doesn't have to leave early on sunday to drive me back home safely.
Love u bee

Again, Thank you all...for supporting us.. it means alot to us

Btw, so sorry that we didn't take any pictures from our camera. Semua stok malas and we had no time anyways. Will curik from friends later! :p



cupin.kalibre said...

i was there and surprised to u also opened the booth.
but i dunno which one is you.
hope we can keep in touch!

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

shalia nmpk u kt remaja TV3 .. wah u sgt cantik & sweet & young .. kagumm sgt2 .. bila nk letak gmbr2 cupcakes?? windu nk rasa ur cupcakess hu..hu... NGIDAMMMM

Anonymous said...

i bought ur cupcakes..sgt yummy~ syg, i bli 1 saje..yikes..mne nk dpt ha cupcakes2 tuh?
ade jual kat mne?

.shalia. said...

cupin.kalibre >> did u buy our cupcakes? ;)

Diana >> ehh. LOL. me n my family find it rather funny & sengal. I was too smiley k. LOL. Anyhow, still finding my time to update on the pics. So many to update k. Mengidam?? hrmmm, better get d cupcakes before it get worst! ;)

Ice >> Thanx alot! 1 is enough to make u crave for more?? ;) U can place ur order via email. All details are in my blog. TQ

~ n.u.r ~ mommy wannabe said...

i bought ur cupcakes dat thay..@ youth...yummmyyyyy!!!!! my frens booth is in front yours...selling clothes + shawls..just found your blog...will link yours in my blog..:-)