Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 2009 - Fully Booked!!

Holla people~
Just to inform u peeps that I'm already fully booked this whole month!
Please, no more just one slot or just one small box etc. I really dunt have enough hands to add more orders. Am pretty occupied with wedding favors during weekends.
Anyhow, will post on the V-Day's Promotion soon. How soon?? The never the know. Just wait till I'm rajin enough ey?? ;)
Ohh, so sorry that we're not offering CNY promotions as I'll be leaving from 25th-27th of January for a short vacation with my husband and inlaws just for a break & to celebrate MY b'day with hubby!! yeayy :)
So, till I have time to update the upcoming promotions, have a great month peeps!! :))))

p/s: to those who have filled in their details during the Creative Mafia event (in the puhretty book), u will surely be updated! Thanx again


1 comment:

Farazila said...

hey shalia...i nk book for V-Day..harap msh ada ruang utk i k..
plis update dkt i nanti...