Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nak Membebel can?? ;)

Hello again..
I know, suddenly like so many things to update and to post lately kan? ;)
Here are some little things that happened/occured but kinda got a little bigger that is nothing but really annoys me?? heh
Shalia can get pissed too sometimes eyh? 0:)

First of all, to those who knows my full name (when they got my account's details), please please PLEASE dunt call me by my real name.
SHALIA is the name here.
Coz Alia is only for my family/relatives/real CLOSE friends whom I knew since little, while Sharifah is too formal to me.
Eh, now you know my full name eh?? teehee~

Secondly, whenever you peeps make payments to my maybank account, ESPECIALLY to those who transfers from other people's account, DO inform me immediately once the transfer made and from who's account- their full name! Don't scare me with random names that suddenly appears from the notification email from maybank2u. How am I suppose to confirm your order + how am I suppose to know if it's even urs?

Thirdly, please please PLEASE leave ur name everytime u sms me. So that I dunt have to ask again and again. I receive ALOT of smses everyday. So please do not expect that I'm only replying to you jer.

And Last but not least, if the person who place the order is a lady, but she's sending her bf/husband/brother/father or who-ever which is the opposite sex- male in particular to pickup the cupcakes, or even driving u ladies here, please please PLEASE inform me much much earlier so that I could prepare my tudung. or you'd just have to wait a little much longer for me/my sis/mom to change to proper attire/look for n wear my tudung. It doesn't matter if ur husband/bf/all mentioned above just dropping u by n not coming out of the car, still inform me. If u dun't care, WE do.

Korang jangan marah k?
Just need to clear afew things off.hee
I know that you're more pissed at me for the late replies and all ;)
Btw, I think that I'd more appreciate now if u peeps place ur order via EMAIL instead of sms.
It'll be easier for my sister to check on them.

Updates on our Delivery Services, click here!
V-Day's Promotion's coming SOON too~
So do check up on us more often.
As mentioned before, will update those who have written their details on our 'Keep Me Updated' book during the Creative Mafia Event.
Till then, have a nice nice January, and please do as the above mentioned, and don't pisses me off.
Nanti Shalia takde mood to do the cupcakes ;)

Thank you
Love u all!!



mrs ajue said...

Hehe Shalia pun marah juga? Congrats on your marriage ok, dah lama x place orders dgn you. Kerja busy sangat & that day I had a miscarriage for 2nd time. So, not much mood for anything too hehe.
-Azura / ajue80-

de`Heart said...

hi shalia... semua yg u bebelkan tu.. semua i sokong!!!!!! i pun face the same thing with urs... huhuhu!

irmafittaputri said...

SHALIA-Keep up the good work...i pon mcm u & de heart gak....tapi kena tabahkan hati...lagi2 i ni ader keje tetap...balik keje kul 7malam...kat opis sampai silent jer HP-takmo gangguan...annoying sgt...tapi kdg customer tak faham...tu yang sedih pon skrg dah lama tak upload....uwaaaaaaaaaaa...masa betl2 mencemburui...keje+balik+baking+deco+deliver+tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!