Friday, January 9, 2009

Map of Location

Hello again loves!
So sorry for this late update. I registered late today! :p but fret not, already booked my table n make sure that I have a space! teehee

Anyhow, there's no booth number. Just look for my big logo and voila! :)
I will come and set up the booth early in the morning but only till 11am or so, my friends will be looking after my booth while me sambung my kerja at home.
Will be back there again hopefully after asar.
So, to those who wants to meet me and discuss about the cupcakes, i.e; for weddings/events and such, I'll be waiting at my booth around 6ish-pm.

Cupcakes are sold in packs of 6minis/16minis/49minis/S/M (Limited!!)/6Lsize/L(individually).
For S & M size cupcakes, the cupcakes are sold individually, without packaging. Packaging is only available if u're purchasing more than 2pcs.
You can bring your own packaging if you want to :)

Oh, btw, only cuppiecakes are available during this event.
Don't have much time to do the choc heaven cupcakes and my mom's not around to bake the little cheesecakes.
Plus, they can't really last that long...sorry... :((

To make things easier for you to locate us, below is the map of the hall.
It's at the Tun Razak Hall 1.

Am looking forward to see you guyz there, well, technically :p
Ohh, sangat nervous and abit panicking plus abit malas to sambung my work. Help!!

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