Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some misunderstanding

Hello peeps!
Yess, I'm back from my holiday...sgt penat.
Anyhow, okie, I need to clear one thing off.
I've been receiving sms-es & emails requesting our 'With Love' Cupcakes from the previous post.
Unfortunately, the picture was only our idea for the V-day.
We're not selling anything like that (the sizes + arrangements are different).
But u peeps just gave another idea for me to add to my collection! TQ ;)
And will try to consider again.
Do wait for our actual promo next week. We'll only work on 'em this sunday.
So sorry for the misunderstanding.

Emails will be replied Insyaallah soon. Now is preparing-for-today's-orders time! :)

Adios amigos


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