Wednesday, February 4, 2009

With Love Part I

The much awaited cupcakes are here!
Finally :)
But honestly, I'm not really satisfied with the picture quality n d samples quality.
So, am really sorry if u feel d same.. was in a real hurry, with orders/finding d packaging + d weather yang tidak mengizinkan caused d blur-ry pics.
As promised, I have to post them up tonight come what may! :)

Okie, I know that most of you were expecting something bizarre (really? :p) this year, but instead, I'd like to keep things as simple + classic as possible (EASY in another term.hee).
With this, I could produce more cupcakes for everyone - yeayy!

Instead of giving your loved ones the typical roses (that can't be eaten, and hardly have any smells now-unless you bought 3dozens?), how bout giving them cupcakes instead in Roses designs!

They're eatable, pretty, tasty and they have smells okay (of the buttercream icing ofcourse).
If they don't like roses then perhaps the LoveHugsKisses would do.


Red roses - 16mini pcs
Other available colors:
Light blue. Turquoise. Dark blue. Pink. Yellow

Red roses - 25mini pcs
Other available Colors:
Light blue. Turquoise. Dark blue. Pink. Yellow

**LoveHugsKisses - L size (4pcs)
*the base color is fixed. the 'xoxo' color might differ a little*

**LoveHugsKisses - M size (4pcs)
*the base color is fixed. the 'xoxo' color might differ a little*

All prices includes:
:: Transparent box (for mini size cupcakes)
:: Silver box (for M & L size cupcakes)
:: Black Ribbon (not red as in the picture)
:: Note card (It'll be a blank note card, again, not as in the picture)

**for LoveHugsKisses, the 'xoxo's & 'xo's are made of cocoa. Not suitable for those who are allergic to them. You may replace with the big hearts instead. Btw, the hearts are edible too! :)


*sorry for the blur-ry picture*

Yes!! This is new!
And honestly, it was my 1st attempt, 1 of the reasons why they look abit cacat :p

It is made of cocoa/chocolate (imported ones).

Therefore, definitely not suitable for those who are allergic to/dislike chocolates!
Do check if your partner's allergic to them or not before placing your order yeah? ;)

They'll be packed individually like this

Small Lollipop:
L1 & L2 : Rm3.50 each

Medium Lollipop:
L3 - L5 : Rm4 each

*Please note that on the L3 & L5 lollipop, there's a 'Be Mine' msg. We'll ice them properly next week so that it'll be visible. :)

Please refer to the next post on How to Place your Order for our With Love Promotion.

With Love