Wednesday, November 26, 2008

X'Mas Surprise - PART I

Heyya ppl!
Remember these S-size-cupcake- in-this-awesome-White-Box-with-a-transparent-window-that-we-sold-for-only-Rm60-this-whole-month-of-November-and-I'm-already-fully-booked-this-whole-month-and-supposedly-you-won't-get-them-with-the-same-price-anymore??
Well, fret not!!
This promotion will be extend until end of this year- yeayy!!
So, keep those emails coming in to place your order for these Lovely cupcakes BUT, please do check on my Available Dates before placing your order to avoid rejections of 'Fully Booked' syndrom- heh :)

Btw, this is not the only promotion that we have for the month of December.
This is only the PART I of many other parts! LOL
Do wait, I've already done a sample of my X'Mas 2008 design, will post them in due time.
So, till then, be patient and have a great week ahead!!


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Yati Salem said...

hi dek.tukar link nak tak..kasi tau akak bila dah post link akak ye..tx