Monday, November 24, 2008

Hey there everyone..

First of all, I'm terribly sorry to those who've been waiting for my replies and such for the past 2weeks.
I had a very tight schedule with the lot of orders, lots of emergencies and other last-minute 'event' which really took up most of time.
Awake since subuh till late night every single day that really tires me out and had no time to check nor reply to my emails at all (wen I did, did it from my phone either that or I just fell asleep while sms-ing) as our internet connection broke down due to the *$#^8!d* streamyx (sorry).
But, I managed to reply them all last night (except for d 3emails that needs my 100% attention on them but time is so ltd at the moment-sorry), and hopefully will be replying the emails and sms-es everyday in the days ahead.
Anyways, I've sketched out my X'mas deisgns- yeayy!!
BUT, I still havn't got time to do them just yet. Hopefully soon! ;)
There are some surprises for our December Promotions (Always and forever with promotions to keep everyone happy!! :)), so please stay tuned yeah?
Btw, December's Available Dates have been posted since last night, and yes!! You may place your order now to avoid rejections.
Please note that I'll be on my one week leave from 8th-14th of December as I'll be going back to my inlaws in Melaka! :)

Well, it won't be long till it's X'mas!!
So, Happy hunting for presents to those who celebrates!!

Sorry.Thank you.Have fun


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