Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 2008 Promotion is here!!

**This promotion is not limited to this designs only**

*from top*
Design: R003

*with ribbon*

*from side*

* Fits 25pcs of S size cupcakes*

Finally, the *NEW* packaging is here as well as the November promotion. yeayy!
This new packaging is made of the normal white cardboard box BUT instead of the normal cake box, this comes with a transparent window on top! Super~
This box fits 25pcs of the S size cupcakes perfectly.
It could be perfect for hantaran purposes too, or as a gift for any occasions (just like our Handmade Gold Box).
But the height of this box is quite tall, so, gotta becareful whe carrying them.

Anyways, the price for this whole package would be RM70

for this whole month of November, the introduction price would be..


That's RM10 off for each box!
Like totally awesome eyh??
**Applies for ANY DESIGNS!! BUT for difficult designs, there'll be an additional charge of RM10**

If you're interested, kindly please email me to place your orders to:
Happy November
Thank you


icky said...

isit okay if we meet up somewhere .instead of meeting up in pj?

.shalia. said...

so sorry, but that won't be possible as I'm doing the cupcakes all alone with my mom baking them and we don't have hands nor time to do any meetups. Would really appreciate if you could self-pickup fr our humble hse. Plus, it ain't that hard to find it! ;)

fali said...

hye shalia. i'm wondering if these designs are still available?