Friday, June 26, 2009

Newsletter Part 1

Hello everyone!!!!
Okay, am dropping by to shout out some good news to everyone before my hectic schedule starts on Sunday!! (Oh, it's getting on me already ok ;) )

First of all, I've posted up July's Available Dates here.
Please do check out on them if you want to place your order.

Second of all, order via online is finally AVAILABLE!!!
To place your order, please click here and just fill in the form provided.
I've tried my best to keep it as simple as possible, so hopefully, it'll work out this time! *winks*
And last but not least, we are still accepting orders via sms, am pretty sure that some of you thinks that sms is the best way to place your order.
Again, either way is fine, as long as you keep your order in the right form required.

Please note that:
For orders submitted by Friday night(26th June 2009), your orders will be replied by Sunday.
For orders submitted after the 26th of June, your orders will be replied by 8th of July, once I've settled myself and have enough rest in Malacca.

So please do not repeat your order nor keep on texting me before 8th of July if you do not receive any reply as I'll be really REALLY BUSY from 28th of June onwards.
Tolong jangan marah for the late-ness, sebab shalia memang tak cukup tangan nak melayan everyone and reply emails/smses as the big order is really and truly big and it's our first time to handle such amount of orders. :)
Really hope that you lovely lots will understand us.

Anyways, Thank you everyone and please pray that the production of the 12,000 orders will run smoothly and on time... Amin...


mummYaeesh said...

hadoyaiii baru nak order for 4th july!errkkk!

.shalia. said...

oh. i don't get to do cupcakes for my favorite twin-nephews' birthday and be here on that day pun... :'(((

Lily.Lulu said...

shalia ..
kalau nak order untuk early august pulak mcm mana
takut nnt by the end of july u dah busy
i nak order for 1st or 2nd august
need to confirm with u
thanks !