Thursday, June 4, 2009

Au revoir!

Hello everyone!
So so sorry for the long silence and no updates at all...
Anyways, i have a few announcements to make before i leave for my holiday tomorrow! ;)

For those who haven't been to my Available Dates' link, I've informed on my planning for this month.
I will be off to Sabah in less than 30hours from now for my dearest-beloved-bestfriend's wedding this weekend!! and also my REAL honeymoon with hubby... *grins*
In just a few hours, my bestfriend will be wife to my classmate (OUR classmate)- Mr.Shuhairi :)
So sad that I couldn't be there on her BIG day.. :((
But fret not, shall be there on time for her reception on Saturday. *excited!*
I'll be back from Sabah on the 9th of June, therefore, no smses/orders will be entertained during this time of period.
Really sorry, but i really really REALLY need the break.
Once I'm back from Sabah, will head to my home in PJ and then to Malacca till 14th of June.
All orders/smses will be replied once I'm in Malacca yeah?
Please be patient and understand how hectic my schedule have been for the past few months.

Orders via email will be available only in July.
Will inform more on this later in early July.
My inbox is full of promos by other Online Boutiques and spams, therefore it's really hard for me to check on the emails.
Will try another method or find a solution to this soon as I'm pretty sure that it's easier that way yeah??
So sorry...

On my Contest, it's pretty sad that I've only one participant on the list.
Her picture's really cute and my hands are itchy to put them here but unfortunately, it's not time yet *sigh*
But guess what??
Instead of ending the photo contest on the 18th of July, we'll extend the date till 26th of June 2009!!
Therefore, whoever that placed their orders till 26th of June is entitled to participate in this competition.

And last but not least, we'll be CLOSED from 27th of June until further notice as we'll be busy with our first BIG production of 12,000pcs orders!!!
Oh, a BIG Thank You to Miss Diana (Future Mrs.Zul ;)) and Family for their trust on us with this tremendous big order.
And this production will take afew days until the 3rd of July where we'll be sending it off straight to Kulai KLUANG (my bad), Johor.
We're thrilled ofcourse and starting to panic as it is a BIG order and we have no experience in this.
But Alhamdulillah, we've prepared ALOT of staffs for this production (mostly of family and friends- THANK YOU!!!!) and InsyaAllah, everything will be fine...InsyaAllah... :))
Since this production will take nearly a week for us to prepare and to deliver them all the way to the location, am pretty sure that we'll be worn out once everything is done- Especially my beloved MOM, and so, I have decided that we will take another 1 or 2 weeks of break.
We're really sorry if we're disappointing you lovely lot out there, but I think that it's for the best as I do not think that we will be able to perform to our task (i.e; the designs won't be as neat or as nice as it should be) as we will be really tired and all.
Therefore, really really REALLY appreciate if you lot understand us.
When will we be back for production is yet to be confirmed.
Perhaps once I'm back from Kulai KLUANG (my bad again! :( ) :)

Anyhow, please allow me to have my honeymoon in peace *teehee* and pray for our safety. Amin..
I shall miss all of my loyal favorite customers!! (you lot know who you are :D)

Au Revoir everyone!!
And Thank You!!!
*I feel blessed*

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