Thursday, March 26, 2009


A contest is coming..!!
But I am yet to reveal on what it is as we're still compiling the terms&conditions as well as collecting the prizes!!
Do check up on us in this 2 or 3 weeks time, or perhaps even a week from now on it..
If you're interested that is.hee
Need a hint?
Hrmm, you have to be creative and think out of the box!! ;)

April's promotion will be out real soon too..
And our concern is on the Recession that's felt by nearly everyone.
So, do check up on us by next Tuesday

I just hope that everyone is as thrilled as I am!
Coz I was not suppose to reveal anything till I've got everything ready.
But since my head's been screaming to give you peeps a lil' hint, so, why not eyh?? hee

Till then, Spread the Lurve Loves!

p/s: if you want me to update you on this, please leave your email address on the comment section. Thank you :)



puTeRi said...

would love to hear d updates regarding this.heheh

shud said...

wow.ada contest.contest ape?interested to know more.=D

zazaa sweet said...

i mengidam sgtttt nak tgk u mcmane.. :)hihi. post la pic u dlm ni..

lady nadek said...

I wanna hear ur update.

lina said...

Hi shalina,

Would like to know bout ur update.
my email add is


All about Us said...

hi there..

would love to know more updates.

Anonymous said...

hye dear,

would like to know more updates..

.shalia. said...

Hello everyone..
Thank you for leaving your emails here. Will definitely update u peeps once everything's ready. Am still collecting the prizes from everywhere and hopefully it'll be ready in 2weeks time!
So, others, you can still leave your emails here.
Till then, have fun browsing around! :))


alya c. said...

would love to know more. thnks

farahani said...

thanks darling.first time here.

::zAsyikein:: said...

hi shalia...ur punya handwork sgtla cantek...update la..

Fatt.Nazz said...

nk updates jgk...hehe..


nfahk~ said...


eNatasha said...

shalia babes, hope uve been well :)

zazaa sweet said... :)