Monday, March 16, 2009


Heyya All...
I'm back from my 1week break (but tak break sangatlar..hee)
So sorry to those who've been emailing me and such but no reply as I didn't have internet access while in Melaka.
To those who sms-ed and called but no reply too, sorry, was busy with 2weddings.
Therefore, I'll be replying them by tonight InsyaAllah, so please do check up on your emails tomorrow (coz I might be replying till late).
To those who didn't get any reply, please check again on your order form for any missing info as per requested, ESPECIALLY the subject of ur email and re-send ur order as per requested.

Promotions and such will be updated soon??
Ain't got any clue.
But will try to update them A.S.A.P!!

Btw, we'll be CLOSED on the 23rd of March as I had to take an emegency leave to settle some things off in KL.
It's really important for my business that I really have to go off (otherwise, I wouldn't do so :(( Sorry..).
To those who have placed their order on that day, will get back to you tonight to sort this matter out.
So sorry again....

Till then, Have a nice week ahead! ;)


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