Friday, February 13, 2009

With Love Part III - EXTRAS!!!

I know!! Extras are awesome rite?? ;)
Prepared a few extras for your last minute unplanned occasion or so...
Okie, this is not the full update...will update more in the morning on the items and quantity that we have in stock.
Am trying to squeeze in some lollies, but will have to see 1st if it's possible.
For the moment, here's one of the box that we're offering:

4pcs of M size cupcakes
Rm15 each box!!

In stock: 9 boxes
1 box- Sold to Sue
3 boxes- Sold to Hazwani
1box- Sold to a guy (sorry, cant remember your name)
1box- Sold to Fahmi
3boxes- Sold to myself
(forgot about my fren's b'day, so, gave 'em to him instead. haha!)

p/s:sorry for the late update! :p

1. These items will only be available from 12pm of 14th February ONLY!
2. So booking starts at 1pm
(before 1pm will not be entertained) - via CALLS only!
(smses will not be entertained too)
3. We'll only reserve for 1hour-no more than that please
4. Payment- Cash on Pickup
5. No deliveries available for these last minute items
6. Colors for the items are fixed
7. No additional msgs are allowed
(U may write on the note card provided instead)

With Love

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iDo Jewellery said...

Halo, may i know how to order the cupcakes with wordings on top? I dunno where to leave u msg. please reply me at for more details.