Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hellloooo Everyone...
It's been a long silcence since With Love aite? ;)
Sorry, been REALLY busy with the emails, orders, husband and restocking the stocks.
Anyhow, since some did not visit my Available Dates first before placing their orders, I would like to announce that..
I'm already fully booked for this whole month of February EXCEPT for the 25th!
25th is the ONLY date that's still AVAILABLE for this whole month of February!!
And yes, you may place your order now before it's too late!

Will update on March's available dates soon for all of you to place your order.
But please note that I'll be Closed on the 1st of March(will be in Melaka) & from 6th-16th/17th of March for 2weddings that I'm involved in.
So, thousands of apologies to those who needed the cupcakes during that period of time (I know, it's the wedding season but gotta put my cousin and hubby's cousin's wedding to my priority kan?).

Hope that there's no more misunderstanding, no more 'please-slot-in-just-0ne-box-for-me' coz I won't be around (will be going back to Melaka from 8th-16th/17th as the 2nd wedding's in Pedas/Linggi).
Do wait for my available dates for march later tonight.
If sempat, I'll update this late evening.

Thank you


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