Thursday, November 27, 2008

X'Mas Surprise - PART II

The X'Mas 2008 designs are here! :))
And it's called the X005
(continuous from last year's X'mas designs).
I have no idea where to start, but err, I'll try anyways! :p

X005 in S size cupcakes

Good thing that I found this box eyhh??
Just in time for this festive season! :)
These designs are similar to my last year's Christmas designs, except for the new enhanced ribbons and additional snowflakes (sorry for this funny refer the new snowflakes below :p)
Oh! Notice the additional gold & red ribbon with a 'Merry Christmas' message on it??
It's totally FREE when you purchase our X005 design cupcakes(in big boxes only)!! :)
This one is best to be given to families or your colleagues during open houses and such.
Bring them during the festive and it'll surely lighten up their day (I hope)

Item: Chocolate / Vanilla Cuppiecakes
Size: S
Qty: 25pcs
Design: X005
Msg: Up to you

Price: Rm60!!

X005 in mini size cupcakes

Like OMG!!
16pcs of cupcakes in a box!!
Totally awesome eyhh??
I came across this box a few days ago when I did cupcakes for my colleagues' graduation and immediately thought 'This would be great for X'mas!!'
It would be really perfect for those who planned to give their friends in smaller quantity as a X'mas gift.
And what more??
This box+size+qty is only valid from 1st of December until 30th of December and after that, this will no longer be sad but true....

Item: Chocolate / Vanilla Cuppiecakes
Size: Mini
Qty: 16pcs
Design: X005
Msg: Up to you (Preferably in 2/4words only)

Price: Rm22!!

Purchase 5boxes and above, and you'll get each box @ Rm20 ONLY!!!



david santos said...

Nice Day for Malasian people!

bubell said...

shalia, if i want to order your cupcakes for xmas, how do i contct u? i want the rm22 cupcakes! :)

AmmarandAqif said...

shalia, how to order yr cuppies nih?

bLosSom86 said...

shalia,can i order through blog?i wana hv this box of cupcakes too!:)

irmafittaputri said...

congrates!! dah masuk TV3--syabas remaja..