Saturday, October 16, 2010

Latest Update!!

Hey there everyone~!
How have you guyz been doing??
Yes, am a happy mommy to my baby boy who's turning 6months tomorrow! *yeayy!*
Anyways, I'm really truly sorry for not being able to update this deary blog and dearest beloved customers on our business status.
Therefore, here goes!

We're really sorry to inform that...we're currently not taking any orders for cupcakes as my time schedule prohibits me from doing so.
We're not taking individual cupcake orders, but to those who wish to place their order for doorgifts/events/bulk orders (200pcs and above), you can always text/call me up @ 013-3682636 to enquire or place your order.
Please place your order in advance (1 month earlier!!) as I need to adjust my time schedule and find a baby-sitter for that time of period! So, definitely NO LAST MINUTE orders! =)

Our other products; Little Cheesecakes & Brownies are still available as these products will be baked by my dearie Mak.
So, to place your orders for these 2 products, just text in your full details.

Well, I guess that's all for now.
Hope to be able to update more and come up with new products that doesn't require much time insyaAllah... =)
Till then, take care peeps! ;)



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