Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!! =))

Oh. No, we're not talking about this business *blush*, but instead, yesterday was my 1st Anniversary with hubby! *bliss*
Yes, hence the good mood in updating the blog. LOL
But we only get to celebrate on Saturday as I was busy with our new product the whole day yesterday before sending my hubby off to Malacca again. *sobs*
Anyhow, have afew announcements to make:

1st of all, am really and truly sorry for being forgetful of posting our Ramadhan's Promotion.
I have already made the samples and even taken the picture and all, but unfortunately, couldn't edit them and post it up here as the other PC is stucked in the store room after some minor renovation in the house.
Therefore, I will only be able to promote what we currently have and the usual that we've been offering for the past 2years(i think). Sorry..

2ndly, a new product will be posted soon enough once i've got the PC out from the store room, to upload and post them up here.
The PC that I'm currently using can't do all that as the condition tidak mengizinkan :)
Oh. I've been passing around the samples of the new product and Alhamdulillah, the feedback was quite memberangsangkan.
Infact, we are about to be packed on the last day of Ramadhan just for the new product!
But fret not, I have reserved some slots just for my online customers =))
3rdly, truly sorry to my contest's winners as I have not been able to give away the prizes.
I wanted to send them personally to their doorstep, but things always get in the way and with that, I will have to post them all instead on Wednesday.

4thly, on the last week of Ramadhan (14th-18th of September), only Ramadhan promotion designs are AVAILABLE.
Other than that will not be entertained as we will be quite occupied with the cupcakes PLUS the new product. Sorry...

And last but not least, LAST CALL for those who wants to place their orders for this 20th, 21st and 22nd!
Please SMS to place your orders by 10pm tomorrow (18th August).

Do look up on the next post on our Ramadhan's Promotions.
Thank you

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