Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hello Everyone!!
So sorry that it took me awhile to update my blog n "renovate" it.
I'm trying my best to do them as quickly as I could.
But unfortunately, with the limited time + limited Internet access, will try my best to improve everything A.S.A.P.
Hopefully by tomorrow.
But as promised, I have posted what need to be settled first.
So sorry for the inconvenience of this page at the moment.
Please bear with it just a little while, while I sort things out.
Will post on the Ramadhan Promotion next!
Till then, Have a Nice Week ahead till it's puasa time.. ;)



dialicious said...

Hey..I'm jez blog hopping n saw ur cuteeee..
Nway,I think I'm ur backdoor neighbour..Ur wedding was the day after my engagement day..hehe..jumpe dlm blog pulak..

marilyndeasy said...

do u have facebook??